• The Poetry Market Ezine is a FREE resource just for poets!  It’s published and edited by a professional poet, LB Sedlacek.
  • The Poetry Market Ezine is opt-in subscription based Ezine published monthly — you may unsubscribe at any time.  
  • NEW:  The Poetry Market Ezine can also be found on our Blog and Facebook page

The Poetry Market Ezine features poetry markets, contests, reviews, and news. The Poetry Market Ezine is not for profit. The markets featured in the ezine are not to duplicate any other publications, but due to the nature of writing markets ezines, books, etc. any repetitiveness is unintentional. The Poetry Market Ezine is not affiliated with any other writing markets e-zine, book, magazine or publication and is not intended to represent itself as such. Any similarities to any other similar type of publication is unintentional. The Poetry Market Ezine is not affiliated with any of the publications it may feature. The Poetry Market Ezine recommends you sample an issue, write or email or visit a publication’s website before submitting to featured markets and/or contests as our issues are put together several months prior to publication.

More about Poetry Markets we feature:  Please read a publication’s guidelines before submitting. If you don’t agree with their compensation schedule then don’t submit! It is suggested that you email or write for guidelines before submitting and/or visit a publication’s website or order a sample issue or subscription before submitting. The Poetry Market Ezine cannot attest to the validity, quality, or honesty of any poetry publication and/or its publishers or editors. All rights reserved. No copying or reprinting of The Poetry Market Ezine issues may take place without written or email permission. Should you subscribe to the ezine, your email address will not be made available to any one else for any reason. You may forward your Poetry Market Ezine issue in its entirety to anyone with interest.

Thank you!


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