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Latest poetry books by LB Sedlacek:

LB Sedlacek is an award winning poet and fiction author. LB served as a Poetry Editor and in New Media for “ESC! Magazine.” LB’s poems and short short stories have appeared in numerous publications worldwide. LB has been publishing The Poetry Market Ezine for many years.

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Poetry and Fiction Books by LB Sedlacek

“Happy Little Clouds” published by Guerrilla Genesis Press!

Happy Little Clouds

From Alien Buddha Press “The Adventures of Stick People on Cars”

“It turns out LB Sedlacek is one of the most prolific writers of our time. I hardly had time to finish breakfast before two more poetry collections slipped into my omelet. In her latest, The Adventures of Stick People on Cars, you’ll be surprised how much flesh a stick figure can have. These poems, physically thin on the page, are wide with sentiment and even experiment. Take the marriage of what could be separate poems in the blended lines of “Magnificent Bully” as two seemingly separate stories collide together in an almost ekphrastic euphoria. In The adventures of Stick people…, you’ll miss LB’s dad right along with her. You’ll turn every page before your first cup of coffee becomes nostalgia. Watch out for bears.” Rick Lupert, author of Hunka Hunka Howdee! and God Wrestler: A Poem for Every Torah Portion   stick-people

New poetry book – “I am happy to announce this morning that “The Adventures of Stick People on Cars” a poetry chapbook from LB Sedlacek is now available. 85 highly amusing pages of poetry. Cover art from Red Focks”


“Words and Bones” new from Finishing Line Press. “You’d never think a skeleton is a complete person. I would have said the same thing about a poem until LB Sedlacek‘s “Words and Bones” came along. It’s a work which truly strips its poems down to their bare bones with all the un-necessary words nowhere to be found, leaving a manuscript of complete and wonderfully brief pieces…”  ~Rick Lupert, author of “God Wrestler”

Sample Poem from “Words and Bones”: 

Melted Crayons                          

The plastic surgery of a tomato

may be necessary if your plants

are healthy but the flowers fall

off prematurely.  The tomato could have

blossom drop which can be caused

by high temperatures (85º F or 75º F)

by low temperatures (below 55º nights)

excess nitrogen

high humidity

low humidity.

The plastic surgery of a tomato

may look good on you at first

if you are healthy and your

face is full.  You could still

experience drop off sometimes caused by

age, lack of elasticity and volume

in your skin, or genetics

sun exposure

facial expressions

thinning skin

drop off.


The book is $13.99. Include $2.99 per copy for shipping and handling.  Please mail all orders with a check payable to Finishing Line Press at PO Box 1626 Georgetown KY 40324 or order online:  Order “Words and Bones” by LB Sedlacek


“Poetry in LA, 2:  LA vs LA”

la vs laReturn to more poems about LA, Lenoir Area, in this second book featuring poetry from the Facebook page, @poetryinla. This time poems cover our local arts scene such as our murals and the famous Dirt Circle (“Across the Grain” sculpture by Thomas Sayre.) Poems go back in time to what our area was originally known as “Tuckers Barn” and to days of local raw honey and homemade molasses, the old Blue Bell plant and Lenoir High School. Current outdoor sculptures as well a local popular fresco get a nod in this second book, a sequel to “Poetry in LA – Only in LA (LA Poems)” published last year, 2017. There’s also a follow up to the poem “Hibriten Mountain” from the first book with the new poem “Mill Mountain to Hibriten Mountain.” If you enjoyed the first book “Only in LA,” you’ll want to read the follow up book with the new poems, too!

“Only in LA (LA Poems)” – successfully funded on Kickstarter!


Poetry about L.A. (east in North Carolina). These poems are taken from the FB page, Poetry in LA (@poetryinla) created by LB Sedlacek. Poems are about Hibriten Mountain, the annual Sculpture Fest, the annual Blackberry Festival, Wilson Creek, Highways 18 and 90, the antique car shows, old buildings, and the general way of life in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountain area that locals fondly call “LA.” for Lenoir Area.


constellateThis is a chapbook with travel poems from a trip to the North Carolina coast, Ocean Isle, Sunset Beach, Bald Head Island, and to the South Carolina beaches, Myrtle, North Myrtle, Cherry Grove. It’s adventure I seek whenever I take a trip. Some of the adventures are mainstream and well some are not! The best part of planning is not to make a plan! That’s how you have the best adventures! It’s great for me to just be by or near the ocean, the water and the sounds of the waves are so soothing. Please join in this new poetical ocean adventure with me!

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