A 5 Star Review of “Words and Bones”:  “In L.B. Sedlacek’s collection, Words and Bones, we see the wonder of every day miracles presented to us using spare, but precise language, and imagery that opens up the sky and earth in unique ways. If we follow the thread of words in these engaging poems, we not only find our way out of the forest of life, we emerge with a deeper understanding of human connection, ways of seeing, and inner knowing. These are poems to be savored and sipped. These words and bones shed light on the mysterious world around us and skillfully offer a poetic guide map.”  —Cristina M. R. Norcross, Editor of Blue Heron Review; author of Beauty in the Broken Places and other titles.

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A review of “Words and Bones”

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“Words and Bones” is one of the books recommended by Poetry Super Highway for the holiday book buying season!  Wow!  I’m excited to be included is such terrific literary company.  Here’s a link to check out the book buying recommendations:  Poetry Super Highway 2018 Holiday Book Buying Recommendations


Words and Bones by LB Sedlacek

$13.99, paper


”Words and Bones” is an apt title for LB Sedlacek‘s fine chapbook for words are the scaffolding in these pages; words which both come from and go to the marrow. The author’s craft here has a simplicity, an elegance in clarity which makes even the complex, the scientific, not only accessible but familiar as a memory shared by a particularly American yet, ultimately, universally humane collective unconscious. What a fine mineral of many facets she has brought from her depths into the light of day.” –Stephen Mead, Visual Artist/Author

“You’d never think a skeleton is a complete person. I would have said the same thing about a poem until LB Sedlacek‘s “Words and Bones” came along. It’s a work which truly strips its poems down to their bare bones with all the un-necessary words nowhere to be found, leaving a manuscript of complete and wonderfully brief pieces. These poems expose the often overlooked remarkable details in the every day mundane which can only be seen when a poet’s eyes gaze upon them. The heartbreak, the wonder…you’ll begin to see it in your bones too.” –Rick Lupert, author of “God Wrestler”



Sample Poem from “Words and Bones”: 

Melted Crayons                          

The plastic surgery of a tomato

may be necessary if your plants

are healthy but the flowers fall

off prematurely.  The tomato could have

blossom drop which can be caused

by high temperatures (85º F or 75º F)

by low temperatures (below 55º nights)

excess nitrogen

high humidity

low humidity.


The plastic surgery of a tomato

may look good on you at first

if you are healthy and your

face is full.  You could still

experience drop off sometimes caused by

age, lack of elasticity and volume

in your skin, or genetics

sun exposure

facial expressions

thinning skin


drop off.


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