New Poetry Reviews up: “Ignition Point” by Gary Beck, “Trio” (various poets) and “Refusing Heaven” by Jack Gilbert

You can read new poetry reviews of “Ignition Point” by Gary Beck, “Trio” by Karla Huston, Ellaraine Lockie, and Connie Post, and “Refusing Heaven” by Jack Gilbert by clicking on the above link. Have a poetry book or chapbook you’d like reviewed? Email for more info and where to mail your book for review!

Aristophanes – Three Plays by Gary Beck & Jane Oliensis


A review by Sarah Mackey Kirby

PUBLISHED by Cyberwit

ISBN: 9789390202935

In Aristophanes, Beck and Oliensis bring creativity and wit to three of the Ancient Greek playwright’s comedies. The book comprises three plays: The Women in Assembly, The Birds, and Lysistrata. Their translations animate the political satire and antics laden plots characteristic of his writing. And while reading these, it’s easy to picture and feel life in the polis. While the plots have a heavy dose of absurdity (in a good way), that absurdity serves to enlighten the audience and criticize the powers that be about war, political events, and everyday Athens.

The first play, The Women in Assembly, follows Praxagora on her scheme to put women in charge of the Athenian government. Beck and Oliensis capture the reforms she wants instituted. As the play unfolds, readers and audiences are immersed in how Athenian government works and the roles of…

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