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New poetry book: The Adventures of Stick People on Cars

The Adventures of Stick People on Cars New poetry book – “I am happy to announce this morning that “The Adventures of Stick People on Cars” a poetry chapbook from LB Sedlacek is now available. 85 highly amusing pages of poetry. Cover art from Red Focks”  

Exploring Community Through Poetry!

Please support our community poetry project - From the Teacher:  "Help me give my students a poetry writing workshop with books by author and guest speaker L. Sedlacek included to inspire students' imaginations as they explore their community." Exploring Community Through Poetry

Holiday Book Recommendations from Poetry Super Highway

  “Words and Bones” is one of the books recommended by Poetry Super Highway for the holiday book buying season!  Wow!  Our Publisher, LB Sedlacek, is super excited to be included is such terrific literary company.  Here’s a link to check out the book buying recommendations:  Poetry Super Highway 2018 Holiday Book Buying Recommendations