The Poetry Market Ezine only accepts poetry book, chapbook or poetry magazine or ‘zine review submissions. WE DO NOT PUBLISH POEMS.

Poetry book, chapbook, or magazine review guidelines:

(1) Reviews MUST be previously unpublished (that includes on the internet or in ezines). Absolutely NO SIM SUBS. Do not submit your review to us if you have submitted it elsewhere.

(2) reviews may not be by you of your own books, chapbooks etc.

(3) must be between 500 to 800 words (that’s about 1 to 1 1/2 pages)

(4) shorter works are preferred

(5) must be in the body email (NO attachments) POETRY REVIEW

(6) must have “poetry review submission” in the subject line of your email

(7) must be submitted via email only, we do not accept snail mail subs

(8) must be reviews of poetry books, poetry anthologies, poetry magazines or poetry chapbooks

(9) must be original and unpublished

(10) include a brief cover letter and BIO (including publication credits)

(11) read and follow the guidelines if you want your work considered.

12)  Submit 1 – 3 reviews at a time.

OTHER INFO ON REVIEW SUBMISSIONS:  Response time is between 1 – 2 months. Payment is $5 (US funds) per review accepted for publication. Payment will be made via paypal.com only. Payment will be made upon acceptance. Reviews will be published in 1-12 months from acceptance. Remember, in the subject heading of your email, type “Poetry Review Submission” to assure that your email isn’t looked upon as junk mail and deleted without being read. Get an idea of what kind of reviews we publish by subscribing to the newsletter first, it’s free.

REPRINTS: Reprints of past published poetry reviews will be considered if you (or the author) hold the rights. Email reprints as above. However, we will not consider reprints of reviews of the submitter’s own book(s) — i.e. please don’t email us a review someone else wrote about your book unless you have the author of the review contact us at the same time giving us permission to reprint said review. Please note, reprints receive no compensation except publication. We prefer original unpublished reviews and those will be given highest consideration. We take one time electronic rights. All rights revert to author after publication.


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