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New poems by LB Sedlacek. Go on a poetry travel adventure from North Carolina, through SC, Georgia to Cocoa Beach, Legoland and more!

“Hey Astro!” is a follow up to “Mars or Bust.” It contains all brand new poems about my family’s annual trip from North Carolina to Florida. We do have some adventures! On this past trip we revisited Legoland, Cocoa Beach, Savannah and traipsed through the wilds of South Carolina on the way including a non-stop at South of the Border. Have you ever been to South of the Border? Then, there’s a poem in this book just for you!

Excerpt from “Hey Astro!” – from the poem “Surf Zombies”: “…surfing zombies / with brains intact / with speech intact / but they can’t use either one / no / bro / it’s / against the zombie surfer code…..”

Excerpt from “Hey Astro!” – from the poem “Lake Eloise”: “…butterflies and fishermen / standing in idling boats / talking about the odds / the lack of results / no catch no fish / a lake as vast ….”

Some of the poems in “Hey Astro!”: “It’s Bo Time,” “Welcome to Florida,” “Night Swim,” “The Dinosaur Store, Part 2,” “Putt Putt and Gators,” “Where Orange Juice Comes From,” “Florida Toll Roads,” “Georgia Pecans,” “River Street – Savannah,” “I’ve Never Been to South of the Border” and more!

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