cacka coverCharleston Silver was just an ordinary boy, an ice runner on Lake James in North Carolina, or what was left. He’d never known what life without ice looked like, none of them did, they’d heard of it but none of them were really sure it ever existed at least not in this corner of western of North Carolina. He stuck to the ice and running. Lake James, when it wasn’t frozen, in places went as deep as 125 feet. Everything was solid ice even the trees were solid blocks of tall frozen ice.

None of them, none of this part of North Carolina knew the sun.

Join Charleston and his crew: Goldsboro, Columbia, Richmond, Wilmington, Jacksonville aka Jackson, and New Bern as they discover what put this particular part of the south, western North Carolina, entirely frozen and in need of the sun.

Do you dare to play the game, the game of Cackalacka?

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