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Words and Bones by LB Sedlacek

$13.99, paper

LB Sedlacek is a poet, author, editor, poem critic and publisher. She has had poetry and short fiction published in numerous journals and zines. Her poetry and short fiction have won several awards. She co-hosted ESC! Magazine’s podcast for the small press, “Coffee House to Go” with Michael Potter. She also served as a Poetry Editor for “ESC! Magazine.” She is the Publisher of “The Poetry Market Ezine” a poetry resource newsletter just for poets.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, swimming, and volunteering for her local humane society. Her website is Find her on Facebook @lbsedlacekpoet or Instagram @poetryinla

”Words and Bones” is an apt title for LB Sedlacek‘s fine chapbook for words are the scaffolding in these pages; words which both come from and go to the marrow. The author’s craft here has a simplicity, an elegance in clarity which makes even the complex, the scientific, not only accessible but familiar as a memory shared by a particularly American yet, ultimately, universally humane collective unconscious. What a fine mineral of many facets she has brought from her depths into the light of day.” –Stephen Mead, Visual Artist/Author

“You’d never think a skeleton is a complete person. I would have said the same thing about a poem until LB Sedlacek‘s “Words and Bones” came along. It’s a work which truly strips its poems down to their bare bones with all the un-necessary words nowhere to be found, leaving a manuscript of complete and wonderfully brief pieces. These poems expose the often overlooked remarkable details in the every day mundane which can only be seen when a poet’s eyes gaze upon them. The heartbreak, the wonder…you’ll begin to see it in your bones too.” –Rick Lupert, author of “God Wrestler”



Preview poem form the poetry book “Words and Bones” forthcoming from Finishing Line Press this summer

Preview poem from “Words and Bones” forthcoming from Finishing Line Press

Whispered Silence

by LB Sedlacek                  

He moved his lips this morning.

There was no sound, but I’d

turned it down, but when I

turned it up all I could hear

was the hum of the signal.

It was faded and blocked by the trees

and those eyesore cell phone

towers that never send a signal

when you need it. I whacked the

TV but that didn’t help. My

eyes seized on a caption that

explained why there was no

sound. I took my cell phone

and whacked it on the counter.

I dropped it in the sink to see

if it would float. I dropped

one in a toilet two years

ago and it sank like my

hand did when I spotted a

fish and tried to grab it.

His lips keep moving and I

watch them transfixed. I look

up “transmogrification” in

the dictionary and think there

are more words than I could

ever imagine that start with

“ex.” I stare at his mouth,

his beard, his curly black

and white hair and realize

that I heard every word.


The book is $13.99. Include $2.99 per copy for shipping and handling.  Please mail all orders with a check payable to Finishing Line Press at PO Box 1626 Georgetown KY 40324 or pre-order online:  Pre-Order “Words and Bones” by LB Sedlacek