New: Song Lyric Critique Service

Song Lyrics Critique Service

Are your songs getting heard or published? Need help polishing your works for composition? Could you use some help getting that lyric just right? Having trouble finding your voice?  REASONABLE RATES * QUICK TURNAROUND

  • Get the help you need to professionally present, submit and also to get on the right path to publish your works!

The song critique service will give you an opportunity to see how to improve your lyrics and apply what you learn to your other songs. You will receive a formal report on each song lyric you submit. Turnaround is quick, depending on the number of song lyrics you submit for critique at a time.  Song(s) critiques are usually completed in approximately 5-7 business days depending on the number of song lyrics sent for critique.

Please note your songs(s) will be critiqued with comments and suggestions. If we see a typo, wrong word use, etc we may also point that out. If a word, line, form is confusing to the reader that may be pointed out as well. If you think your song(s) are great as they are then we suggest you don’t submit them for a critique.

Song Lyric Critiques:


Please note: no critiques will be made until payment is received. No exceptions.